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CONDITIONING  (On-Going Enrollment - Prerequisite: None) 1 hour

This class is designed for men, women, and youths at all fitness levels. Build your strength while challenging yourself at your own individual pace. Here we execute a series of exercises, log the results, and try to beat the results next class. This is a fun way to motivate ourselves and our friends to exercise.


register online or Call us today (203) 433-4565

register online or Call us today (203) 433-4565

BELLYDANCE  (Sessions: 3 or 6 - Prerequisite: None) 1 hour

Raise your fitness level, coordination and confidence as you discover the magic of one of the oldest and most beautiful dance forms! Aleenah provides clear, easy to follow instructions in the basics of bellydance. In each class you'll learn exciting moves and dance combinations that will keep you belly dancing.

POLE PREP   (On-Going Enrollment - One Hour Sessions: 1 -  This is the initial class all students new to Apex will take prior to the start of Pole Essentials)

This class offers new students an introduction to pole practices. We focus on a safe introduction to the fundamentals of pole dance fitness.

BLAZIN BUNS / STRETCH (On-going enrollment - Prerequisite: None) 1 hour

This class is designed to focus on your glutes. Our glutes are connected to our hips, lower back and legs and help us move our legs in all directions. Strengthening our glutes can help relieve stress on our knees and help stabilize our back. Back stabilization is important in pole dance fitness. So, in addition to looking good in our clothes, a toned butt helps our bodies. We will finish off the class with isometric stretching.

STRENGTH/CORE  (On-Going Enrollment - Prerequisite: None) 1 hour

Your core provides strength and stability for the rest of your body, which is why it's important to develop these muscles. This class focuses on those muscles that are critical in pole dance fitness.

OPEN STUDIO PRACTICE (Prerequisite: Pole experience) 1 hour

This class is for all levels in an unstructured setting. Practice your skills with limited instruction. Here you can focus on your favorite moves, stretching, strength training, etc..

POLE II  (On-Going Enrollment - One Hour Sessions: 15 - Prerequisite: Pole I)

You will now progress into learning inversions and inverted holds. This class is designed to help you develop more strength and flexibility, as well as understanding proper posture. 

Experience is everything and, here at Apex Pole Fitness, your experience is completely original to your own level of ability. Our philosophy is to give you the benefits of dance and fitness at your own individual pace, in a safe and fun environment. Take a look below to see what we mean. 

POLE I  (On-Going Enrollment - One Hour Sessions: 15 - Prerequisite: Pole Essentials)

Now that you know the essentials, this class is designed for you to learn climbing techniques, pole poses, as well as more spins and transitions. Here you will start to gain more strength and begin preparing for inversions.


Looking for a new, exciting, and fun way to celebrate any occasion with your friends? Plan your next party at Apex Pole Fitness. Whether you are looking to give your bachelorette her last single hurrah or just a girls' fun night out, a spin on a pole is one way to get everyone laughing, energized, and feeling frisky.

  • Birthday Parties
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Girls' Night Out
  • Divorce/I'm Over Him!

Want to do something different? This is not your ordinary teen party. Plan a fun night for your teenager and her friends. We offer:

  • Parties for Girls ages 12 to 17

ALL LEVEL POLE  (On-going enrollment - Prerequisite: None) 1 hour

This class is for all levels with individualized instruction. Each individual will learn at their own level of skill.

POLE III  (On-Going Enrollment - One Hour Sessions: Progressive - Prerequisite: Pole II)

This class is more advanced than the other pole classes. The focus of this class is to learn more challenging moves. You will continue to develop more strength.

POLE ESSENTIALS   (On-Going Enrollment - One Hour Sessions: 5 - Prerequisite: Pole Prep)

After you have experienced Pole Prep, you can learn the essentials in pole dancing. This class is designed to teach you how to maneuver around the pole. You will learn hand grips, spins, and transitions.